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Welcome to Wiltshire's premier folk website

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We have found that there are a few anomalies in some of the data in the following pages. We are doing our best to sort these as quickly as possible. Please contact us if you require, or have, changes to that publicised.

What we are and what we do

This is where you will find what you are looking for when it comes to Traditional Arts, Music, Dance, Song, Customs and Traditions in Wiltshire.
Are you looking for a band for an event? ......Do you need some advice on setting up and event or concert? ...... Can we help?

..........Why don't you give us a call.

If it's in Wiltshire and it's about folk (in all it's various guises) then we may be able to help in all manner of ways.

We have a large e-mail list that goes to people all over the county, the UK and beyond. To join this list please just send us a short email to info@wiltshirefolkarts.org.uk and we add you to a growing group of friends that have an interest in Wiltshire folk and more.

For latest news, views and reviews click here

or go straight to the clubs listings here !


The Diary details events happening around the county. This area will develop over time and we intend it to become the essential resource to find out what is happening when and where. If you have any information that you wish others to see then send it in and we'll do our best to give it some publicity.

There are lists and contact details of many artists and performers in and around the county including folk song, dance, Morris, Mumming and Ceilidh ... plus website links.

From Avebury to Warminster there are many superb venues catering for just about every style and genre of folk music and dance.These can be found in our venues section.

Social Dance (now also referred to as Folk Dance) still enjoys great popularity in Wiltshire and we are delighted to list many of the folk dance clubs including contact details, times and locations.

The main festivals all feature in our lists too, with links to their websites.


Remember the main purpose of this website is to inform and bring interested people together. So if your group or club does not feature, please let us know and we will be happy to add your details. We also welcome suggestions, links, information, collections, old songs and interested people and organisations. We will endeavour to make space for news items, what's ons, clubs, artists and, in fact, anything at all to do with traditional music, dance and song.

If you are interested in Wiltshire's rural musical heritage, then this is the site for you.

The Wiltshire Folk Arts team.

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Other News.

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Check out the artists listings and see if they are planning to visit Wwiltshire soon


Please keep your information coming in so we can assist in publicising your organisations.